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This Week's Drawing Prompts: 11/5 - 11/11

As the days grow shorter and the nights cooler, it's the perfect backdrop for some artistic exploration. Our prompts aim to challenge and inspire. So, gather your favorite drawing tools and let's unleash that creativity!

Haute Couture

11/05/2023 - Plaid Pattern:

  • A set of buffalo-plaid pajamas.

  • A family, each wearing plaid shirts.

  • Plaid wrapping paper pattern.

11/06/2023 - Eagle's-Eye View:

  • Overhead view of a picnic.

  • A very far out view of the earth.

  • Corn maze from above.

11/07/2023 - Haute Couture:

  • Runway show.

  • Red carpet event.

  • Two fashionistas clinking champagne glasses.

11/08/2023 - Smirk:

  • Squirrel with a smirk finding a large acorn.

  • Child smirking while stealing a piece of candy.

  • A close up of a face with a smirk on it.

11/09/2023 - Sea Glass:

  • Multi-colored sea glass on a beach.

  • A pair of sea glass earrings.

  • A hand holding multiple pieces of shimmering sea glass.

11/10/2023 - Spirit Fox:

  • A fox surrounded by celestial objects such as stars and moons.

  • A fox with a tail that morphs into a moon.

  • A shadow of a fox in moonlight.

11/11/2023 - Leapin' Lizards:

  • Two cute lizards jumping hand in hand.

  • A pair of lizards leaping on a trampoline

  • Lizards leaping to feast on some frightened insects.

Thank you for joining us this week! We truly appreciate your creative spirit and enthusiasm. Don't forget to come back next week for more inspiration and drawing fun. Until then, happy sketching!

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