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This Week's Drawing Prompts: 11/12 - 11/18

Here are some fun ideas for this weeks drawing prompts!

A fawn in a forest

11/12/2023: Dominoes

An intricate run of dominoes that are falling like a a train on a track.

A snapshot of an interesting dominoes game.

A fallen stack of dominoes.

11/13/2023: Inside-Out Umbrella

A windy day, a woman walking down the street holding an umbrella that's flipped inside out!

A broken, inside-out umbrella in the trash.

An innovative, reversible umbrella.

11/14/2023: Fawn

A fawn in a forest taking it's first step.

A fawn with it's mother.

A light fawn colored winter coat.

11/15/2023: Chocolate Milkshake

Chocolate milkshake with whip cream & chocolate sprinkles.

A jug of chocolate milk, being shaken.

A diner sign with a huge milkshake logo.

11/16/2023: Joker

Share a joke with us!

Close up joker face.

Drawing of the joker playing card.

11/17/2023: Sketchy

Sketch of an eye.

Quick sketches of many trees on a page.

A sketch of your pet, or a pet you dream of having.

11/18/2023: Gas

Lantern lighting a path.

A person that ate too many beans.

Vintage style gasoline poster.

Thank you for bringing your creativity to this week's drawing prompts! Don't forget to join our vibrant online community to share your masterpieces and draw inspiration from fellow artists. We're excited to see what next week's prompts will spark for you—see you then!

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