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Next Week's Drawing Prompts: 09/10 - 09/16

a toad on a lily pad enjoying a cold drink

Exciting times lie ahead as we journey through another week of drawing prompts! I'm thrilled to share with you a fresh batch of ideas that are sure to spark your imagination.

09/10/23: Hugs

  1. A cactus and a balloon trying to figure out a safe way to hug.

  2. Two octopuses giving each other a multi-armed embrace.

  3. A refrigerator and a magnet sharing a tight hug.

09/11/23: Repeat a Previous Prompt (Note: I'm using the "Hugs" prompt as the repeated one for inspiration.)

  1. A snowman hugging a campfire with a sign nearby saying "Worth it!"

  2. Two puzzle pieces fitting perfectly into a hug.

  3. Earth hugging the moon with a cute caption like "You complete me."

09/12/23: American Toad

  1. A toad dressed as Uncle Sam with a speech bubble saying, "I want YOU to hop!"

  2. A toad with sunglasses on a lily pad, enjoying a cold drink, captioned "American Chill."

  3. A toad playing baseball.

09/13/23: Thirty-Three Thieves

  1. 33 ants trying to stealthily carry away a picnic.

  2. A scene with 32 thieves sneaking around, while the 33rd one is distracted by a butterfly.

  3. 33 raccoons all in black masks (because they naturally look like thieves).

09/14/23: Ideal Speed Limit

  1. Turtles holding a sign saying, "Speed Limit: Slow and Steady."

  2. A snail racing a cheetah with a sign that reads "Speed Limit: Whichever gets you to the finish line!"

  3. A sloth holding a sign that says "Speed Limit: Nap speed."

09/15/23: Red Panda

  1. A red panda wearing a beret, trying to act sophisticated.

  2. A red panda rolling down a hill with laughter.

  3. A red panda taking a selfie with a bamboo stick.

09/16/23: Classic Hit

  1. An old-fashioned radio blasting out musical notes.

  2. One of your favorite classic song album covers.

  3. A jukebox.

As this week's artistic journey comes to a close, the canvas of possibility awaits us in the days ahead. See you next week for more inspiring prompts and shared creativity!

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