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Next Week's Drawing Prompts 11/26 - 12/02

We've put together some drawing prompts for the week to spark your creativity. These themes are designed to ignite your imagination and take you on a little artistic journey. Grab your favorite drawing tools, find a cozy spot, and let's dive into a week of inspired sketching!

Tibetan singing bowl with intricate pattern

11/26/23: Oil Lamp

  • A classic brass oil lamp with a soft flame glowing against a dark background.

  • A small, ornate oil lamp placed on a wooden table beside an open book.

  • A hanging oil lamp with intricate patterns casting gentle shadows on the wall.

11/27/23: Bugs

  • A ladybug resting on a green leaf with morning dew.

  • A close-up of a butterfly's wing showing its colorful patterns.

  • A line of marching ants carrying tiny food particles.

11/28/23: Pokemon

  • Pikachu sitting under a tree, enjoying a sunny day.

  • A Jigglypuff singing a lullaby under a crescent moon.

  • Bulbasaur in a garden, surrounded by blooming flowers.

11/29/23: Delicate

  • A fragile dandelion with seeds ready to be blown away by the wind.

  • A delicate spider web covered in morning dew.

  • A fragile porcelain teacup on a lacy doily.

11/30/23: Fountain of Youth

  • A stone fountain with clear water amidst a serene garden.

  • A small, magical-looking fountain with shimmering water surrounded by glowing fireflies.

  • A fountain with water cascading down steps, with petals floating on its surface.

12/01/23: Poinsettia

  • A bright red poinsettia in a decorative pot against a snowy window.

  • A close-up of poinsettia leaves, showcasing their vibrant colors.

  • A poinsettia plant with a golden ribbon tied around its pot, placed next to a festive candle.

12/02/23: Tibetan Singing Bowl

  • A bronze Tibetan singing bowl with a wooden mallet on a vibrant cloth.

  • A person's hand gently striking a singing bowl, creating ripples in the water inside.

  • A close-up of a Tibetan singing bowl with intricate designs and patterns.

Thanks so much for joining in and sharing your unique artistry with us! If you enjoyed this experience, we'd love to have you as part of our online community. Keep creating and see you there!

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