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Get daily art and drawing ideas here, that range in subject from abstract concepts such as ‘perspective’ to specific descriptions such as ‘skunk on a stump’. Our drawing prompts are Rated G, Diverse, Clever, Sometimes Surprising, and Always Loads of Fun!

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June Drawing Prompts

  1. Mastodon
  2. Off the Beaten Path
  3. Thunderbird
  4. Corgi
  5. Carmen Sandiego
  6. Colorful Aquarium
  7. Rube Goldberg Machine
  8. Giant Hamster
  9. Doesn’t Belong Together
  10. Monarch Butterfly
  11. Rolling Vineyard
  12. Comb
  13. Chester Cheetah
  14. Cone Snail
  15. Deserted Island
  16. Paris Street Style
  17. Mohawk
  18. Sweet Smile
  19. Swedish
  20. Bouncing Scrub Jay
  21. Transparent
  22. Public Transportation
  23. Iron Man
  24. Slinky
  25. Annoying Woodpecker
  26. Only Round Shapes
  27. Andes Mountains
  28. Down to Earth
  29. Dragon Boat Race
  30. Prehistoric

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