You can say goodbye to the days when you sit in front of your sketchpad and ask yourself, “What Should I Draw?”

What to draw next is a question that plagues beginners and experts alike and those who use art as therapy. Art is a fun, fulfilling activity that shouldn’t involve stress or uncertainty.

Simple Daily Drawing is taking the guesswork out of your favorite activity with a monthly sketchpad subscription that makes you spend less time in your head and more time putting pencil to paper. The days of creative block are now a thing of the past!

The drawing subscription provides artists with a sketchpad each month that contains daily art prompts. Each sketchpad is sturdy and spiral bound with a beautiful cover every month of the year. Each prompt is an opportunity to regain motivation and make progress in your craft. Every page is dated and has enough room for you to draw out that day’s prompt. You can even use the back of each page if you need space for a re-do.

Moreover, this subscription brings you access to a growing online creative community of fellow artists at all skill levels. This community ranges from beginners to folks who use art as therapy, to homeschool parents, to people just having fun! Members share their work in a private and inclusive and positive space that encourages growth and creativity.

Just imagine, no more staring contests with blank pages, more satisfaction from the progress you make, and reaping all of the benefits that art has to offer with drawing ideas at your fingertips every day.

Subscribe to receive the Monthly Sketchpad with Daily Drawing Prompts here and get your regular dose of inspiration. With your new sketchpad, you can focus on the process of drawing and let go of any expectations that might otherwise hold you back.

Soon, you will find yourself making time each day to grow your drawing habit and improve your skills. Don’t let your motivation come to a halt, and subscribe now!