Drawing Prompt Sketchpad – May 2023


Our monthly sketchpads feature a new drawing prompt on every page – one for each day of the month. Made of high quality sketch paper and durable chipboard back, these books are built for everyday use. The thoughtful page layout, and surprise extras are sure to leave you feeling inspired to do art every day!


Our May sketchpad with daily drawing prompts will help you form a healthy art habit.

Art is healthy for the mind and the soul. Both the physical act of creating and the mental disconnect can have a profound impact. Not only will your drawing skills improve, but so will your mood. As you disconnect in art your brain starts working to build the pathways to happiness and a positive sense of well-being. <3

This drawing prompt sketchpad can be purchased here, individually, or as a monthly subscription. Each sketchpad has a new drawing idea for each page to keep you motivated and inspired to start (and continue!) a daily healthy art habit.

  • Large 8.5″x1″1 size
  • Designed left-bound for righties, and top-bound for lefties
  • Spiral bound, particularly good for laying flat
  • Heavyweight 80lb Cougar bright white sketch paper
  • Chipboard back – durable for everyday use
  • Dated pages
  • 1 Prompt per page – plenty of space to draw
  • The back of each page is left blank for practice sketching
  • A page divider is included with every sketchpad for use between pages – prevents bleed-through with heavy mediums
  • Bonus activity in every book
  • Bonus prompts in short months, every sketchpad has 37 pages
  • Journal-like design to keep track of thoughts each day
  • Streak tracking on every page
  • Test swatch area on every page
  • Monthly recap in every book

– Prompts Coordinates with our Mighty Network Art Community
– Find the current list of drawing prompts

What are some unique ways you can use the drawing prompts in our sketchpad?

Have you ever wanted to try out a new drawing medium but wasn’t sure where to start, or what to draw? This sketchpad is perfect for that, especially because there’s no pressure!

Want to try your hand at calligraphy? Keep it simple by just hand lettering the prompt, or, take it a step further by finding an associated quote, saying or phrase with the word and challenge yourself! The sketchpads will keep you organized and in a few months you can look back at the progress you’ve made and see your improvement!

Want a break from drawing but still want to do a creative activity for the day? Use the daily prompt as a writing prompt, instead, and jot down a short story on the sketchpad page! Writing is certainly a great creative outlet as well!

Get artsy! Do a collage by cutting up a magazine of either prompt-related images, or colors that you can arrange to create the prompt itself. You don’t HAVE to draw!

Co-Draw or color! Grab a partner – first you draw, then they color! Or, pass the sketchpad back and forth to make a drawing that you create together! Take turns one at a time to add an element to the drawing. Afterwards, have fun checking out the final masterpiece!

If you don’t feel like doing the day’s prompt…. doodle on the page, do a meditative drawing activity or just make the word in bubble letters. Afterwards, you will feel great. Any creative exercise counts.

The prompts are just the starting point. How you interpret them is up to you. After all, this is your journey!

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