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Starts with A Sketchpad Theme



Ignite your creativity with our 'Starts with A' themed sketchpad from Simple Daily Drawing. This sketchpad is a treasure trove of artistic inspiration, featuring daily drawing prompts that all begin with the letter 'A'.


Explore 'A'-mazing Concepts:

Each day, you'll discover a new prompt that sparks your imagination, from the eerie 'Alcatraz' and the majestic 'Amethyst Archipelago' to the intricate 'Archaeological Artifacts' and the whimsical 'Alpaca Apparel'. Whether you're illustrating an 'Abstract Art' piece or depicting an 'Awesome Arcade', every page invites you to delve into new and exciting ideas.


Built to Last:

Our sketchpads are locally produced and hand-assembled, ensuring top-notch quality. With heavy, thick pages and a durable build, they are designed to support your daily artistic pursuits. Plus, each sketchpad comes with a custom-made sticker, adding a personal touch to your creative journey.


Features You'll Love:

  • Daily Drawing Prompts: With 31 unique prompts, there’s something new to discover each day, and extra prompts for those short months.
  • Personal Touches: Add the date you draw, keep track of your streaks, and journal your thoughts on each page.
  • Community Connection: Share your creations with our online art community, where you can connect, learn, and grow with fellow enthusiasts.


Examples of Daily Prompts:

  • Awesome Arcade
  • Alpaca Apparel
  • Animated Auctioneer
  • Abrupt Action
  • Arctic Avalanche




Sketchpad Specifications

Product Details:

  • Size: 8.5 × 11”

  • Durable, built for everyday use

  • 31 Drawing prompts, one per page

  • Spiral bound to lay flat

  • Designed for lefties and righties

  • 37 Total Pages

  • 80lb Bright White Cougar Sketch paper

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