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Wordplay Sketchpad Theme



Embark on a creative adventure with our 'Wordplay' daily drawing prompt sketchpad, where each page is an invitation to explore the playful side of language and art. This sketchpad is filled with 31 cleverly crafted prompts that twist familiar phrases into creative challenges, sparking your imagination and testing your artistic skills.


Featured Prompts Include:

Toad-ally Cool: Leap into a world where amphibians set the trend.

Brain Storm: Visualize the electric power of thought.

I Scream: Capture the chilling yet sweet essence of a scream.

Lion Around: Depict the laid-back king of the jungle.

Chilly Pepper: Spice up your art with a frosty twist.


...and many more inspired puns waiting to be brought to life through your artwork!


Sketchpad Specifications

Product Details:

  • Size: 8.5 × 11”

  • Durable, built for everyday use

  • 31 Drawing prompts, one per page

  • Spiral bound to lay flat

  • Designed for lefties and righties

  • 37 Total Pages

  • 80lb Bright White Cougar Sketch paper

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