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A Grand Adventure! Sketchpad Theme



Prepare to capture the essence of exploration and wonder with our 'A Grand Adventure' Daily Drawing Prompt Sketchpad, designed to transport you to the corners of the world through the stroke of a pencil. This unique sketchpad is your passport to 31 incredible destinations, each offering a thrilling challenge that beckons your inner artist.


Featured Prompts Include:

  • Trek Everest, Nepal: Scale the artistic heights of the world's tallest peak.
  • Snorkel with Sea Lions, Ecuador: Dive into the playful waters of the Galapagos.
  • Camel Ride, Morocco: Traverse the sands of time in the Sahara.
  • Walk Through History, Rome: Sketch the eternal stories of an ancient empire.
  • many more awe-inspiring adventures waiting for your creative touch!


Sketchpad Specifications

Product Details:

  • Size: 8.5 × 11”

  • Durable, built for everyday use

  • 31 Drawing prompts, one per page

  • Spiral bound to lay flat

  • Designed for lefties and righties

  • 37 Total Pages

  • 80lb Bright White Cougar Sketch paper

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