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"Your Favorites" Sketchpad Theme Announcement

Your Favorites Sketchpad Theme Cover
"Your Favorites" Themed Monthly Sketchpad

Hey there, creative souls of “Simple Daily Drawing”! 🎨✨ This month, we're diving deep into the heart of what makes us tick with a theme that's all about YOU – introducing "Your Favorites"! This isn't just any prompt list; it's a celebration of personal joys, quirks, and the little things that make life colorful. So, grab your sketchbooks (or snag one of our special monthly sketchpads here:, and let's make this month a vibrant homage to the things we hold dear.

Teaser Prompts to Spark Your Imagination:

  1. Favorite Color: Not just any swatch from the wheel, but the color that speaks to your soul. Whether it's the serene blues of a calm ocean or the fiery reds of a sunset, let's start this journey with a splash of color that's uniquely you. And why not take it a step further? Create a piece where this color dominates, telling a story without words.

  2. Dream Vacation: Pack your pencils and brushes because we're going on a trip to your dream destination – no passport required! Sketch the landscapes, the bustling streets, or the tranquil beaches you daydream about. If you're into more than just drawing, choreograph a dance or write a story set in your dream vacation spot.

  3. Favorite Food: Make our mouths water with your depiction of that go-to dish that feels like a hug in a bowl. Get detailed with textures and colors, or maybe even illustrate a recipe comic-style. For the multi-talented, why not actually cook the dish and share your creation alongside your artwork?

  4. What’s a superpower you would like to have?: Let's get whimsical! Would you want to fly, be invisible, or maybe have the power to heal? Draw yourself with this superpower in action. And for a twist, imagine how this power could influence your daily life, from the mundane to the magnificent.

  5. Favorite Animal: Whether it's the majestic whale or the humble house cat, bring your favorite animal to life on your canvas. But let's not stop at drawing; perhaps pen a poem from the perspective of your animal, or choreograph a dance inspired by its movement.

Join Our Community and Bring Your Favorites to Life!

We believe creativity comes in many forms, so whether you're drawing, cooking, dancing, or writing, let "Your Favorites" inspire you to do something creative every day. Share your journey with us and other like-minded artists at our online art community here: This is your invitation to explore, express, and enjoy the beauty of personal favorites in a community that cheers on your every brushstroke, word, and step.

And remember, if any of the prompts don’t resonate with you, swap them out! Maybe dive into a childhood memory, confront a fear, or illustrate the sweet simplicity of your favorite ice cream flavor.

Let's fill this month with the colors, tastes, and joys unique to each of us. Challenge yourself to complete the month by using our monthly sketchpads, pre-printed with each day's prompt for that extra nudge of inspiration.

Here’s to a month of exploration, creativity, and sharing the things that make us uniquely wonderful. Can't wait to see your favorites come to life! ✨


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