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This Week's Drawing Prompts: 10/29 - 11/4

Desert oasis with palm trees

Welcome to our weekly set of drawing prompts. We hope these ideas spark your creativity. Dive in, and see where your imagination leads!

10/29/2023 - Friends

  • Two children building a sandcastle together.

  • An elderly couple sitting on a park bench.

  • A group of friends camping under the stars.

10/30/2023 - Arabian Desert

  • A caravan of camels making their way through sand dunes.

  • An old Bedouin storyteller sharing tales in a tent.

  • A desert oasis with date palms.

10/31/2023 - Food Truck Idea

  • A retro-inspired food truck selling diner-style milkshakes and burgers.

  • A colorful truck with a rooftop garden offering fresh salads.

  • A steampunk-themed food truck serving artisanal coffees.

11/01/2023 - Perplexed

  • A detective staring at a board filled with clues.

  • A cat staring curiously at its reflection.

  • A student surrounded by flying papers and math equations.

11/02/2023 - Checkerboard

  • A grand ballroom with dancers swirling on a checkerboard floor.

  • A skater wearing a pair of the classic Vans checkerboard shoes.

  • Children playing a life-sized game of checkers in a park.

11/03/2023 - The Muppets

  • Kermit playing a banjo on a log.

  • Statler and Waldorf heckling from their balcony seats.

  • Gonzo soaring through the air from a cannonball, cheered on by chickens.

11/04/2023 - Banana Leaf

  • A rainforest scene with banana leaves sheltering creatures from rain.

  • A traditional meal served on a banana leaf platter.

  • A woman dancing in a dress made of woven banana leaves.

Thank you for joining us for this week's drawing prompts. We hope these prompts have helped to inspire you. Don't forget to join us again next week for another set of drawing ideas. You can also join our online community for more creative challenges!

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