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Next Weeks Drawing Prompt Ideas: 10/15-10/21

A child jumping in a rain puddle

Welcome, artists and doodlers! We have a week of exciting drawing prompts ready for you! Grab your favorite drawing tools and let’s get creative! Enjoy your artistic journey and happy drawing!

10/15/2023: Raincoat & Rubber Boots

  • A child jumping in puddles wearing a colorful raincoat and yellow boots.

  • A dog in a raincoat and boots splashing through a street.

  • A fashion model in a stylish raincoat and boots with umbrellas around.

10/16/2023: The Dead Sea

  • A calm landscape of the Dead Sea with a sunset.

  • Tourists floating and reading in the Dead Sea with mud masks.

  • The Dead Sea with imaginative sea creatures and ancient ruins below the surface.

10/17/2023: Macaroni Penguin

  • A cartoon macaroni penguin sliding down a snowy hill.

  • A detailed drawing of a macaroni penguin with its distinctive crest.

  • A funny macaroni penguin cooking pasta in a kitchen setting.

10/18/2023: Swanky

  • A lively 1920s dance scene with well-dressed characters and jazz music.

  • A luxurious modern penthouse with upscale décor and a city view.

  • A portrait of a flashy individual in extravagant attire against a vibrant background.

10/19/2023: Tick

  • A giant tick overlooking a spooky, gothic landscape under the moonlight.

  • A close-up of a tick on a leaf showing detailed anatomy.

  • A superhero tick fighting germs with dynamic action lines.

10/20/2023: A Superhero's Day Off

  • A superhero relaxing at home in pajamas with coffee and a book.

  • A superhero doing everyday chores like shopping and laundry.

  • A superhero enjoying extreme sports like surfing or mountain biking.

10/21/2023: Cylindrical

  • A pattern made of interlocking and overlapping cylindrical shapes.

  • Cylindrical towers reaching the sky surrounded by floating islands.

  • Everyday cylindrical objects, like cans and pencils, as lively characters interacting.

Thank you for joining us this week! We hope you found inspiration in our prompts and had a blast bringing them to life. Don’t forget to come back next week for more creative adventures and drawing fun. Keep those pencils moving and see you soon!

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