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Next Week's Drawing Prompts: 09/17 - 09/23

A kitten playing with a ball of yarn

Welcome to a week's worth of delightful drawing prompts that are bound to ignite your creativity and bring a smile to your face. From the charming antics of forest critters to the imaginative escapades of famous characters, each day offers a unique challenge to tickle your artistic fancy.

09/17/23 - Hermit Crab

  1. A hermit crab with a sandcastle as its shell.

  2. A hermit crab with a snail shell.

  3. A hermit crab as a DJ with its shell decked out in speakers and lights.

09/18/23 - Ich Bin Verloren (‘I’m Lost’ in German)

  1. A dark figure or shadow deep in the forest.

  2. A map with an incorrect compass.

  3. Try your hand at creating a fun maze!

09/19/23 - So Darn Cute!

  1. A kitten getting tangled in a ball of yarn.

  2. A baby octopus trying to wear 8 tiny shoes.

  3. A tiny dragon trying to breathe fire and producing a little smoke ring.

09/20/23 - Buffet

  1. Animals lined up at a "Forest Buffet" with different sections like "Berries" and "Nuts."

  2. A group of aliens at a space buffet.

  3. A cat peeking under a lid to find a large fish smiling back.

09/21/23 - Wild Lynx

  1. A lynx taking a "wild" selfie.

  2. A lynx on a skateboard shredding through the forest.

  3. A lynx with a hairdryer, fluffing up its already fluffy cheeks.

09/22/23 - Poison Ivy

  1. Poison Ivy (from Batman).

  2. A person touching poison ivy with a fearful look on their face.

  3. A plant labeled "Poison Ivy" singing on a stage.

09/23/23 - A Famous 'Charlie'

  1. Charlie Chaplin trying to balance on a hoverboard.

  2. Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang having a dance-off.

  3. Charlie the Tuna (from Starkist).

I hope these playful prompts have added a dash of joy to your artistic journey. Embrace the fun in each creation and remember, there's no limit to where imagination can take you. See you next week!

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