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Next Week's Drawing Prompts: 12/24-12/31

Bistro Style Food

Hi everyone! It is a busy time of the year, we hope these drawing prompts help you take a much needed break and that the ideas help you not feel overwhelmed. So grab your drawing tools and let's have some fun!

12/24/23: Bucket List Top 3

  • Skydiving scene.

  • Travel landmarks collage.

  • Meeting a famous person.

12/25/23: Bistro

  • Cozy street-side bistro.

  • Bistro style food.

  • People dining in a bistro.

12/26/23: Thank You Note

  • Handwritten note with flowers.

  • Thank you card with balloons.

  • Decorative note with hearts.

12/27/23: Zipper

  • Zipper on a jacket.

  • Zippered bag.

  • Pants with a bunch of zipper pockets.

12/28/23: Ends in 'Land'

  • Fairyland with magical creatures.

  • Dreamland with whimsical landscapes.

  • Candyland with sweet treats.

12/29/23: Copper Pipe

  • Copper pipes in an industrial setting.

  • Abstract art using copper pipes.

  • Plumbing scene with copper pipes.

12/30/23: Tp - Let's Roll

  • Toilet paper roll on a holder.

  • Tp roll character on an adventure.

  • Tp rolls in a fun pattern.

12/31/23: Fortune Cookie

  • Open fortune cookie with a paper inside.

  • Someone smiling while reading a fortune cookie paper.

  • Various fortune cookies, some open, some closed.

Thank you for joining us! We hope you had a great time with these drawing prompts. Don't forget to come back next week for more fun drawing ideas. Keep drawing and having fun!

If you enjoyed this experience, we'd love to have you as part of our online community.

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