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Next Week's Drawing Prompts 12/10 - 12/16

queen bee in green

Hello everyone! We're excited to bring you a new set of engaging and varied drawing prompts for each day of this week. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, these themes are a great way to spark creativity and enjoy the process of drawing.

12/10/23: Warm & Fluffy

  • A fireplace with a sleeping cat.

  • A mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows.

  • Snowy landscape with fluffy animals.

12/11/23: Word Doodles

  • Inspirational quote surrounded by doodles.

  • A creatively written name with thematic doodles.

  • Doodled diary or journal entry.

12/12/23: Brady Bunch

  • Pop Art of the Brady Bunch.

  • Draw your own Brady Bunch in 70's clothing.

  • The Brady Bunch house.

12/13/23: Watch For Ice On Bridge

  • Snowy bridge with an ice warning sign.

  • Frozen river under a bridge.

  • Cars sliding on an icy bridge.

12/14/23: Favorite Day Of The Week

  • Relaxing Sunday scene.

  • Lively Friday night.

  • Peaceful Wednesday moment.

12/15/23: Gilligan's Island

  • Gilligan's Island characters in island attire.

  • The S.S. Minnow boat.

  • Island hut or shelter.

12/16/23: A Queen In Green

  • Queen bee in a green gown.

  • Queen in a green garden.

  • Queen with a green dragon.

We hope you had as much fun with these prompts as we did creating them. Remember, creativity has no limits, so keep exploring and expressing yourself through your art. We can't wait to see what you come up with next week, so make sure to join us again for more drawing adventures! See what others came up with this week, join our online community

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