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Next Week's Drawing Prompts 12/03 - 12/09

Hey again, art enthusiasts! Each prompt below is designed to spark your imagination and bring a splash of fun to your sketchbook. Grab your favorite drawing tools and join in on the artistic adventure!

a steaming cup of tea with the word relax on the tea bag

80's Workout Wear:

  1. A pair of neon-colored leg warmers next to a cassette tape.

  2. A bright headband, oversized t-shirt, and high-top aerobics sneakers.

  3. A character with a side ponytail wearing a leotard and holding a vintage boombox.


  1. A spare tire leaning against a garage wall with a wrench nearby.

  2. A single bowling pin standing alone on a lane.

  3. A keychain with a single spare key dangling from it.

Adorable Jumping Spider:

  1. A tiny spider with big, shiny eyes holding a leaf like an umbrella.

  2. A cartoon jumping spider wearing a top hat.

  3. A smiling spider mid-jump, with its legs splayed out in excitement.

Calming Tea:

  1. A steaming mug of tea on a window sill with raindrops outside.

  2. A tea bag with a label that reads "Relax" floating in a cup.

  3. A cartoon character wrapped in a blanket, sipping from a teacup with closed eyes.

Grumpy Grandpa:

  1. An elderly man with a frown, reading a newspaper with large glasses.

  2. A cartoon grandpa with a cane, wagging his finger disapprovingly.

  3. An older man with a bushy mustache, looking grumpy while knitting a scarf.

A Mistake:

  1. A pencil with a broken tip next to an eraser with smudge marks.

  2. A spilled ink bottle on a desk with a crumpled paper.

  3. A cartoon character with paint on their face, holding a paintbrush and looking at a messy canvas.

Funny Video Game:

  1. A cartoon character with a joystick, laughing as their in-game avatar walks into a wall.

  2. A pixelated fruit character chasing a pixelated worm.

  3. A game screen showing a dancing cactus character with a score that reads "Perfect!"

Thanks so much for joining in and sharing your unique artistry with us! If you enjoyed this experience, we'd love to have you as part of our online community. Keep creating and see you there!

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