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Next Week's Drawing Prompts 11/19 - 11/25

Welcome to this weeks drawing prompts! We've got some cool ideas for this weeks prompts. Don't worry about the details - it's all about having fun and seeing where your imagination takes you. So, grab your drawing stuff, and let's get started.

skeleton key

11/19/2023: Boston

  • Boston Tea Party.

  • A yummy slice of Boston cream pie.

  • Families skating in a snowy Boston park, happy together.

11/20/2023: Comet

  • Bright comet with a beautiful tail.

  • A cosmic snowball.

  • A comet from space, about to enter the atmosphere of a planet.

11/21/2023: Mime

  • Happy mime performing for smiling people.

  • Mime face in deep thought.

  • Mime pretending to be inside of a box.

11/22/2023: Humpback Whale

  • Whale swimming with a school of fish around it.

  • A whale producing ripples of water.

  • Whale jumping, free and splashy.

11/23/2023: Skeleton Key

  • A rusty, old worn out key.

  • Old key with an intricate design.

  • Key sticking into a heart lock.

11/24/2023: Looking Up

  • A tiny child looking up wide expanse of stars.

  • Stylized typography that says "Never Stop Looking Up."

  • Clouds in the shapes of animals, from below.

11/25/2023: Something Slow

  • Of course, a Sloth slowly munching on some leaves.

  • A giant tortoise on a sandy beach.

  • A teeny snail tucked away on a branch.

That's a wrap, folks! Don't forget, we're doing it all over again next week with fresh, exciting prompts. Don't forget to check out our online community to share your masterpieces and chat with other cool creatives. Can't wait to see what you've all made. Catch you next week!


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