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Next Week's Drawing Prompts: 10/8 - 10/14

A Polka-Dotted Cat

Drawing prompts are a fun way to ignite our creativity. This weeks prompts will have your imagination going crazy. Each prompt offers a chance to see the world differently and to stretch our artistic muscles. Let's enjoy the process and see where our imagination takes us!

10/08/23: Big-Eared Octopus

  • A friendly big-eared octopus wearing headphones.

  • A curious big-eared octopus peering out of an underwater cave.

  • An octopus using its big ears to eavesdrop on a conversation between two fish.

10/09/23: Polka Dots

  • A serene landscape scene with polka dot clouds.

  • A stylized cat covered in polka dots, stretching and yawning.

  • A girl wearing a polka dot dress, holding a polka dot balloon.

10/10/23: Mercury

  • The planet Mercury with a thermometer next to it.

  • An ancient Roman courier, representing the god Mercury.

  • A space rover exploring the cratered surface of Mercury.

10/11/23: Strength

  • A small ant carrying a large leaf over its head.

  • A tree standing firm and tall amidst a turbulent storm.

  • A mother holding her child with one arm, while carrying groceries in the other.

10/12/23: Biome

  • A split-view of a forest biome above ground and its intricate root system below.

  • A terrarium with a mini desert biome inside, complete with cacti and sand dunes.

  • An icy polar biome with a polar bear on one side and a penguin on the other.

10/13/23: Ornery Toddler

  • A toddler with a mischievous grin.

  • A toddler throwing a bowl of cereal on the floor.

  • A toddler in a superhero cape, standing defiantly on top of a bed.

10/14/23: Fruit Bat Hanging Out

  • A fruit bat hanging upside down from a tree branch, sipping juice from a straw.

  • A group of fruit bats hanging out like friends, sharing a fruit platter.

  • A relaxed fruit bat in sunglasses, reclining in a hammock made of leaves.

Thank you for joining us on this week's artistic adventure. Until next time, keep those pencils moving and imaginations flowing! For more drawing prompts and creative challenges, join our online community.

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