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Next Week's Drawing Prompts: 10/22 - 10/28

spooky ghost bubbles

Halloween is almost here, let's add a little spooky fun into our drawing prompts! We have prepared a series of creepy and creative prompts to inspire you. Grab your drawing tools and get ready for a week of spooky creativity!

10/22/2023: Bursting Your Bubble

  • A bubble with a creepy ghostly figure.

  • A dark scene with various bubbles with spooky faces bursting.

  • An eerie haunted house inside a giant bubble with it's rooftop about to pierce the bubble.

10/23/2023: Needle In A Haystack

  • Hay stacked in a way that reveals a creepy face, with a tiny pin in a shadow.

  • A haystack with a green glowing needle.

  • A tiny haystack in a forest with a gigantic needle.

10/24/2023: Focused Panther

  • A panther with glowing eyes.

  • A sleek panther with an eerie shadow.

  • A silhouette of a panther on a moonlit rock.

10/25/2023: Unravel

  • Thread unraveling to form a ghostly shape.

  • A mummy unraveling its wraps.

  • An eerie, tattered tapestry on an old piano, unraveling on the edges.

10/26/2023: Post-It Note

  • A Post-It Note with a cryptic message.

  • A Post-It Note that says 'Boo!'

  • A Post-It Note on a mirror that says “I’m Watching You.”

10/27/2023: Little Miss Fun

  • Little Miss Fun dressed as a cute witch.

  • Little Miss Fun playing hide and seek with little ghostly creatures.

  • A depiction of Little Miss Fun as a jack-o'-lantern.

10/28/2023: Angry Kettle

  • A kettle steaming with ghostly shapes in the steam.

  • A kettle with its spout shooting out flames.

  • A creaky, rusty kettle on an abandoned stovetop - bubbling but no one knows why...

Thank you for joining us in this imaginative, spooky, artistic adventure! Happy drawing!

To draw with the others using these drawing prompts, and other creative challenges, join our online community.

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