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Next Week's Drawing Prompts: 09/03 - 09/09

A Rat Wearing a Backpack

Get ready for next week's delightful drawing prompts! From extravagant dachshunds to green origami parrots, these quirky suggestions are bound to inspire some artistry.

09/03/23 - Extravagant

  1. A dachshund wearing a long, luxurious fur coat.

  2. A snail with a golden shell, leaving a trail of glitter.

  3. An owl perched on a diamond-studded branch.

09/04/23 - Curious Rat

  1. A rat with oversized glasses looking at a cheese wheel.

  2. A Sherlock Holmes-esque rat.

  3. A rat wearing a backpack and standing in front of a world map.

09/05/23 - Tessellation

  1. Penguins fitting together like puzzle pieces.s.

  2. Quirky shapes that form a repeating pattern of dancing tacos.

  3. Cats chasing their tails.

09/06/23 - Majestic Swan

  1. A swan wearing a crown.

  2. A swan dramatically conducting an orchestra.

  3. A swan in ballet shoes, gracefully performing on stage.

09/07/23 - Millipedes Getting Married

  1. Two millipedes at the altar, each wearing half of a really long wedding dress/tuxedo.

  2. A millipede couple speeding away in a "Just Married" car.

  3. Millipede bridesmaids trying on dresses.

09/08/23 - Funky Shirt and Tie

  1. A shirt with a print of dancing bananas and a tie that looks like a giant zipper.

  2. A jungle themed shirt with a snake tie.

  3. A Hawaiian shirt, matched with a tie filled with floating rubber ducks.

09/09/23 - Green Parrot

  1. A parrot trying to camouflage itself in a field of broccoli.

  2. A green origami-style parrot.

  3. A collage of many green items, formed to make the shape of a parrot.

It's been a joy sharing these imaginative prompts with you. See you next week for more creative inspiration!

For more fun creative activities and a community of artists sharing their interpretations, join our online art community!

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