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"Silly & Wacky" Drawing Prompt List: January 2024

This month, we're embracing all things "Silly & Wacky" with our drawing prompts. Whether you're doodling a singing toaster or sketching a juggling moose, we hope that these ideas help inspire your creativity! Grab your art tools and join us.

Feel free to draw these in - or out of - order. Whichever you prefer. There are 31 prompts on each list.

Here's your list of prompts!

1. Juggling Moose

2. Mermaid Cat

3. Avocado Car Parade

4. Snail Rocket

5. Singing Toaster

6. Elephant Balloon

7. Cactus Hugs

8. Ninja Chicken

9. Alien Picnic

10. T-Rex in a Tutu

11. Butterfly Hippo

12. Ticklish Shoes

13. Silly Sleepwalking

14. Banana Boomarang

15. Cockroach Patrol

16. Funny Bones

17. Underwear Hat

18. Rude Parrot

19. Lettuce Be Friends

20. Finger Family

21. Arm-Wrestling Octopus

22. Ant Treasure Hunt

23. Ghost Hide & Seek

24. Surfer Worm

25. Spaceship Toilet

26. Monster Selfie

27. Pizza Planet

28. Llama Grandma

29. Fun House Mirror

30. Porcupine Kisses

31. Odor Detective

Don’t like one on the list above? Switch it out for one of these:

Slip and Slide

Bee Orchestra

Food Race

Silly &. Wacky Drawing Prompt Theme

Thanks for being part of our "Silly & Wacky" drawing fun this month!Keep drawing and see you soon for more art adventures!

For more drawing prompts and creative challenges, join our online community.



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