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"In The Shape Of" Drawing Prompt List

In the shape of title graphic


If you're drawing with the online community, this is the list for May 2024!

Step into a world where geometry shapes imagination with our 'In the Shape Of' Drawing Prompt Sketchpad. Each page invites you on a journey to explore the magic of shapes and how they can transform your artistic vision. This sketchpad combines the intrigue of geometry with the boundless possibilities of art, offering a fresh canvas for your ideas to flourish.

The In 'The Shape Of' sketchpad offers 31 unique prompts, each an invitation to help shape your creative process.

Here's your list of prompts!

01. Triangular Pinnacle

02. Rhombus Window View

03. Möbius Strip

04. Spiral Journey

05. Rectangular Robot

06. 3D Vortex

07. Teardrop Oasis

08. Octagonal Web

09. Ellipse Eyes

10. Circle of Seasons

11. Torus Treat

12. Pentagon Puzzle

13. Hexagon Hive

14. Arrowhead Valley

15. Decagon Doorway

16. Obtuse Arms

17. Fractal World

18. Geometric Nonagon

19. Music Note

20. Zigzag Lightning

21. Asymmetrical Balance

22. Kite Flight

23. Blob Face

24. Warped Cylinder

25. Lucky Clover

26. Silhouette

27. Impossible Illusion

28. Overlapping Trapezoids

29. Cubic

30. Arc Rainbow

31. Spherical

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