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Drawing Your Way Back-to-School: 20 Drawing Prompts

Updated: Sep 2

School supplies around it Backpack for back to school with School supplies around it

As the lazy days of summer land way to the bustling back to school season, we invite you to draw with us!

Throughout the month of August, we're inviting you all—students, teachers, and anyone who loves to create—to unwind, explore your artistic side, and celebrate the back to school season through drawing.

This isn't just about crafting visually stunning pieces; it's about experiencing the therapeutic power of art, the tranquillity it brings to our minds, and how it helps us navigate through this transformative time of year.

Whether it's sketching your dream backpack, painting a bustling school cafeteria scene, or illustrating your ideal classroom, each prompt aims to help you channel your 'Back to School' energy into something constructive. Let's transition into the new school year not just educational, but therapeutic and exhilarating, too.

Here's a list of 20 Back to School drawing prompts:

  1. Draw your dream backpack.

  2. Sketch the inside of a bustling school cafeteria.

  3. Draw yourself or a friend at a school locker.

  4. Imagine and draw your perfect school bus.

  5. Design your ideal classroom.

  6. Draw a new mascot for your school.

  7. Sketch a moment of fun at recess.

  8. Illustrate a science experiment gone wild.

  9. Draw the school from a bird's eye view.

  10. Create a portrait of your favorite teacher.

  11. Illustrate a day in your favorite subject class.

  12. Design your ideal school uniform.

  13. Draw an action scene on a school sports field.

  14. Illustrate a library full of magical books.

  15. Create a picture of a school hallway between classes.

  16. Sketch a fun and exciting school assembly.

  17. Design a club poster for a school club you'd love to join or create.

  18. Draw your first day of school outfit.

  19. Illustrate a moment of friendship in the schoolyard.

  20. Draw a map of your journey from home to school.

Happy Drawing, and cheers to the best school year EVER!

For daily drawing prompts and more creative activities join our online community!

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