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"A Grand Adventure" Drawing Prompt List

If you're drawing with the online community, this is the list for June 2024! Prepare to capture the essence of exploration and wonder with our 'A Grand Adventure' Drawing Prompts, designed to transport you to the corners of the world!

Featured Prompts Include:

  • Trek Everest, Nepal: Scale the artistic heights of the world's tallest peak.

  • Snorkel with Sea Lions, Ecuador: Dive into the playful waters of the Galapagos.

  • Camel Ride, Morocco: Traverse the sands of time in the Sahara.

  • Walk Through History, Rome: Sketch the eternal stories of an ancient empire. many more awe-inspiring adventures waiting for your creative touch!Each prompt, from the serene tranquility of a Japanese tea ceremony to the adrenaline rush of rafting the Grand Canyon, is a narrative waiting to be told through your art.

A Grand Adventure title graphic
Here's your list of "A Grand Adventure" Drawing 'Prompts!

01. Trek Everest, Nepal

02. Snorkel with Sea Lions, Ecuador

03. Great Migration, Tanzania

04. Inca Trail, Peru

05. Ancient Petra, Jordan

06. Green Skies, Iceland

07. Jungle Sights, Amazon Rainforest

08. Raft, Grand Canyon

09. Observe Kangaroos, Australia

10. Canoe, Banff National Park

11. Overwater Bungalow, Bora Bora

12. Tea Ceremony, Japan

13. Bubbling Mud Pools, New Zealand

14. Camel Ride, Morocco

15. Dog Sled, Alaska

16. Eiffel Tower Lights, Paris

17. Spot Bison, Yellowstone National Park

18. Surf, Indonesia

19. Victoria Falls, Zambia

20. Walk Through History, Rome

21. Cage Dive with Sharks, South Africa

22. Classic Car Cruise, Havana

23. Kite Festival, Cambodia

24. Paradisiacal Beach, Rio de Janeiro

25. Float the Dead Sea, Jordan/Israel

26. Walk Wooden Paths, Croatia

27. Steam Train, Scottish Highlands

28. Rock Climb, Yosemite National Park

29. Great Wall Walk, Beijing

30. Dune Buggy Ride, Dubai

31. Wander, Anywhere in the World

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