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30 Weird Drawing Prompts That’ll Make You Laugh!

Warning: Simple Daily Drawing Is Clean, Adult Fun

It is important to keep a fun, lighthearted sense of humor throughout your adulthood… Somehow adults forget how to be playful because their mind is occupied with all the stresses of their day to day activities. Drawing daily can help relieve stress, disconnect, and (drum roll….) LAUGH! At yourself, at your drawing, or just at life itself!

Are you too mature to draw immature things? No! Are you too serious to draw silly things? No! Are you too focused to draw doodles? No! Is your art too important to spend time drawing just for fun? No!

If you answered NO to all of those questions you’ll surely love the list of prompts we’ve provided you below!

Happiness in adults overall has been sliding downhill. No surprise here! Saddled with the pandemic of Covid19, the year 2020 “officially became the most stressful year in recent history” (Forbes). Coincidentally, that was also the year that Simple Daily Drawing was created and began lightening the load of life.

So let’s take a moment out of our serious, stressful life to giggle (or belly laugh!) with some super weird, kinda funny and a little immature drawing prompts!

Consider the prompt: Kangaroo Belches. It is a challenge for some to draw a kangaroo, but then add a sprinkle of goofy and show what a belch looks like from this amazing animal.

What shapes, lips, size do you think of with ‘Seashells for Teeth’ Prompt? Or which creature can you instantly imagine that has hairy ears? Why does King Kong eating KFC make us laugh? Because it’s funny!

Laughing is more than just child’s play, it is an ‘instant vacation’ that is FREEEEE for all of us. With adulthood and responsibility comes stress, and thus, it is an adult responsibility to have fun too.

Observe children as your role model for relieving stress. Children learn to laugh at things that make us human, such as sounds the body makes. Just the word “fart” can send kiddos into a laughing fit, not to mention belches, loud yawns, smelly things or funny bodily functions.

Maybe you remember the saying that laughter is the best medicine, right? Studies reveal the following wellness benefits from your snickers…including the howling caused by drawing/viewing creative designs:

  • Immune system boost

  • Pain relief. i.e. feel groovy, baby

  • Soothes symptoms of depression

  • Enriches personal relationships (side note: women actually laugh 125% more than men)

  • Social benefits …mood enhancement all ‘round!

  • Internal workout of the abs and belly

  • Ups lung capacity, breath in breath out

  • Burns calories, need we say more?

Finally, humor is a language that we all can speak. It doesn't matter where you live, how many fancy ink markers you own, or what the weather is like. No one is counting how many times it takes for you to get started on your daily drawing nor how many erasers you need to feel safe.

Snicker to yourself, look side to side and then put pen to paper, laugh, catch your breath, repeat.

Plus, seriously folks, there has been enough stress going around and it is your adult job to make yourself happy, no one else's.

… a word to the wise, allow yourself to get weird with the list of SDD prompts below, and show off your healthy artful spirit!


  1. Over caffeinated coffee beans

  2. Dizzy astronaut

  3. Lipstick on pet pig

  4. Little fart

  5. Chopsticks for legs

  6. Bathroom graffiti

  7. Poodle swimming in a pool

  8. Rat using a hoola hoop

  9. King Kong eats KFC

  10. Hairy ears

  11. Epic Fail

  12. Two Horses in a convertible

  13. Pencils on a date

  14. Hiccuping skunk

  15. A view from inside a vacuum cleaner

  16. Sardines singing karaoke

  17. Smelly shoes

  18. Blue cheese on ice cream

  19. Purple baby giggles

  20. Eiffel tower wearing socks

  21. Kangaroo belches

  22. Scarecrow tattoo

  23. Yikes, your ___ is showing!

  24. Slimy frog sneeze

  25. Nose ring on Granny

  26. 2-headed cheerleader

  27. Seashells for teeth

  28. Drunken bat

  29. Loud yawning sloth

  30. Sloth in a polka dot bikini

“A smile starts on the lips, a grin spreads to the eyes, a chuckle comes from the belly; but a good laugh bursts forth from the soul, overflows, and bubbles all around. ” - Carolyn Birmingham

Are you participating with our online art community? It's a blast, with even more creative challenges and a community of participants having fun doing them! Check it out here!


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