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Join our (free) online art community! 

We've created an online art community where everyone can feel comfortable being their own form of artistic - off of social media


It's free to join, private, no spam, and does not support ads... It's also not listed on Google for scraping. No credit card required for sign up. 


This allows our members to connect - without distractions - without the toxic algorithm - and to focus on their creativity and building real friendships with other members.

We're excited to welcome you.


Quite simply, it's the best group I've ever joined. 


Thank you for making the community my heart has been searching for.


It's the best decision I have ever made.


We color outside the lines, and don't apologize. 

Here's what we stand for...

We believe that art is for everyone, no matter their reason, or their skill level. Whether it be for trying new mediums or disconnecting for your mental health, we support you in your journey.
Creativity and artistic expression are not a luxury but a necessity for living a meaningful, fulfilling life.


Get the Drawing Prompts in Your Inbox!

Each month, we send an email on the 26th with the list of drawing prompts and a printable download.

Get the drawing prompts in your inbox!

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